S&D Kennels  Miniature Australian Shepherds

Country of Origin: The Australian Shepherd (affectionately called an
‘Aussie’) does not actually originate in Australia. It is believed that some
Basque farmers brought ancestors of these dogs with them when they
emigrated to Australia, then subsequently to the United States during the
1849 California gold rush. However, the breed as it is known today was
developed in the American Southwest over the next few decades.

Size: The Miniature Australian Shepherd has a shoulder height of 35-46 cm
(13-18 in) and weighs 20-40 lbs.

Coat: Coat ranges from medium to long, with a dense undercoat. It can be
straight or slightly wavy, and is highly weather resistant. The coat is short
and soft on the head and legs, with a thick mane around the neck. The
Miniature Australian Shepherd can be black, red, red merle (dark patches on
a light colored background), or blue merle. All may have white markings or
tan points.

Character: The Miniature Australian Shepherd is intelligent and eager to
learn. It is relaxed, loyal, and devoted, bonding closely with family, even to
the point of developing separation anxiety. Aussies are confident and lively;
they are known to behave like puppies.

Care: The Miniature Australian Shepherd requires relatively little grooming,
but a thorough combing is required when shedding. Bathe only when
necessary. Miniature Australian Shepherds can tolerate warm or cool
climates, but must live indoors as they require constant socialization.
Aussies have a life span of 12-13 years and litters of 5-8 puppies.

Training: The Miniature Australian Shepherd is fun to train because it learns
quickly and easily. Aussies are unusually eager to please and adept at a wide
variety of sports and games, such as herding, Flyball, and agility