S&D Kennels  Miniature Australian Shepherds

Is my deposit refundable?
The deposit is refundable is something unforseen happens to the puppy, i.e.
puppy is sick, dies or not in the condition that was promised. The deposit is
non refundable in events such as you change your mind, you decide to
purchase another puppy from another breeder, etc.  A deposit is in place so
that you are guaranteed your puppy. In the event that you change your
mind, then other potential buyers have been turned away and we have to
advertise the puppy a second time.  

Does my puppy come with breeding rights?  
All our puppies come with an application for registration with American
Stock Dog Registry (ASDR). Our puppies are sold with limited registration.  
Meaning sold as pet only.  If you want a breeding dog, you need to ad $250
to the price of your puppy for breeding rights.

What vaccinations will my puppy come with?
Your puppy will receive their first puppy shot at 6 weeks old and 8 weeks
old (if they are still here).  They also will be wormed on prior to 5 weeks
and at the same time that we administer their shots.  A vaccination record  
will be provided to you.

When can we pick up our puppy?  
We allow our puppies to leave at 7 weeks of age.  Socialization and the
process of weaning takes time and we highly discourage any puppies
to leave prior to 7 weeks.  Shipping is after 8 weeks of age.  Please contact
me for shipping details.

What will my puppy come home with?
Your puppy will come with a puppy package that
includes:  Health certificate by licensed Veterinarian, record of all
vaccinations administered, written 1 year health guarantee, worming
schedule, puppy toy, chew chip and small bag of puppy food.

What type of food do you feed the puppies?
We feed Science Diet Puppy.  There are many puppy foods out there and
this is our choice of what we like to feed.  We provide you with a sample
bag of food so that you can either continue with Science Diet or use the
food to gradually blend it into the puppy food of your choice.  In either
instance we highly recommend that you shop for a quality puppy
food.  You get what you pay for in the dog food market.  

How does the 1 year health guarantee work?  
Your puppy comes with a one-year guarantee against genetic defects.  If
your puppy is found to have a genetic defect, we will refund you the
purchase price or replace your puppy with a healthy one.  In both instances,
we will want the original puppy back. Sorry but this is very standard for the
dog breeding industry. We will do our very best to work
with you in any case.  I also can tell you that we have had very good luck
with our dogs and have had very few people come back and we have been
breeding dogs for 14 years.

Will my puppy be potty trained?
You puppy will not be fully potty trained as they are just too young, but
they will have a good idea of what potty training means.  Upon weaning our
puppies are moved into custom built puppy cages that resemble crate
training.  They are let out to play every 1-2 hours and they learn quickly to
hold their potty for play time.  So when your puppy arrives at home the
transition to the crate and being let outside to go potty is second
nature for our doggies!